October 21, 2020

$5,000 to the Breakfast Club on behalf of their fans

Montreal, October 21, 2020 – The Montreal Alouettes, thanks to the generosity of their fans, have donated $5,000 to the Breakfast Club.

The Alouettes held a virtual sale of its seats at Percival Molson Memorial Stadium these past few months, and have raised money that contribute to allowing many kids to eat a healthy breakfast before heading to school.

“With the current crisis, one out of three kids goes to school without eating breakfast. The Breakfast Club is essential for our schools in order to provide an equal opportunity to all kids. We are extremely proud of our fans who have always been generous,” declared Annie Larouche, Director of the Alouettes Foundation and Community Relations. “For obvious reasons, we were unable to go out in schools and help in person like we have done in the past, but given the importance of this cause we are happy to help in another way.”

The Alouettes have been proud partners of the Breakfast Club since its early days, as they have been collaborating since 1997. Over the years, players, coaches and employees have served breakfasts in schools all over the province.

Food insecurity is a reality for thousands of families in Quebec annually, and that number has almost doubled since the beginning of the pandemic. The Breakfast Club has supported no less than 329 organizations/schools and served 150,766 youths since March 2020 alone.

“Since the start of the pandemic, the Club has doubled down on its efforts to support kids all over the country. I am proud to see that a partner from our early days like the Montreal Alouettes have been able to put together such a creative event to raise money for the Club,” said Breakfast Club Founder and President Daniel Germain. “The needs have been on the rise and the support from our partners and individuals are invaluable for us to continue our mission.”

Those who missed out on the virtual sale of the stadium can still help the Breakfast Club. They can make a direct donation on the organism’s website by clicking on this LINK