October 2, 2020

Jeshrun Antwi, the underdog with a big heart…

Jeshrun Antwi has a heart of gold. He never lived in luxury but that did not prevent him from being happy and constantly thinking about others.

Growing up with a dog at home, the athlete quickly became fond of canines and decided to get involved with them. During his years in university, he volunteered on a regular basis for the “Pawsitive Match Rescue Foundation”, a Calgary-based organization that rescues abandoned dogs. He would go to the shelter and walk the dogs, pet them, and take care of them. He did not forget to wash them and give them all the love they need.

“I was looking for a way to get involved in the community, and since I love animals, the choice was easy. It was a great experience. Some dogs would jump in my arms as soon as they saw me and start licking me. These animals loved affection and they didn’t ask to be left out on the streets.”

He was so thrilled about his wonderful positive experience that he swore to get a dog of his own in the near future….

The 22-year-old running back came to Canada ten years ago. He was born in Israel and grew up in Ghana, where soccer occupied most of his free time. He then moved to Calgary and settled into the community of Raddison Heights, to the the southeast of the city. His mother worked hard to provide him with everything he needed, and sports always brought a smile to his face.

“When I was young, soccer was the sport I excelled at. I discovered flag football and basketball around the age of 14. I immediately got hooked and felt like trying football two years later.” He was drafted in the CFL six years later…Now that’s pretty impressive!

He left his mark with the Dinos…
In five seasons and 30 games with the Calgary Dinos (U SPORTS), the ball carrier recorded 1,648 yards in 257 carries and scored 12 touchdowns. He also collected 317 yards and four touchdowns in 35 receptions. In 2019, despite playing only four games, he managed to record 276 yards in 52 carries. He unfortunately had to spend most of the season on the sidelines due to an injury but still got to enjoy the sweet victory of the Vanier Cup with his teammates. “It was an incredible feeling even though I didn’t play. I was so thrilled for the guys who hustled all season long.”

At the University of Calgary, he obtained a BA in Education and another one in Arts. He explained that he wished to put his education towards helping the youth when he retires from football.

In the meantime, he puts his energy towards helping young basketball players. He is an assistant coach at Notre Dame High School in Calgary and mentors these young hopefuls. “I tell them about my journey, the sacrifices I have to make, and all the work I have to put in to succeed. I use my experience to help them grow.”

The Alouettes’ sixth-round pick (48th overall) in the 2019 CFL Draft earned points by wearing the Montreal uniform during two exhibition games. He also signed his very first professional contract with the team.

“I want to wear this jersey. I saw myself as an active member of the team this year but it’s just a raincheck for 2021. I keep on training hard to make my dream of being an Alouette come true,” Antwi says without hesitation.