September 9, 2020

5 reasons to engrave your name on the Grey Cup Fan Base

With the recent release of Grey Cup Fan Base, we got to thinking about how our fans and our people support each other, our team and our players. The recent offering of Grey Cup Fan Base is pretty cool for many reasons, but supporting things you love is even cooler. We thought we’d break down the reasons why Grey Cup Fan Base is an awesome effort and what is beyond for the Alouettes.

1-This supports our players

Yes, our players share in the monies raised from #GCFanBase. The more that people invest, the more support they get. CFL players – beyond the fact that they are world-class,  incredible athletes – are just like us. This is their job. They have families. They support their communities. You support them year after year to help them win, here is your chance to help them differently this year.

2-Your Name inside the stadium

A new spot will be created inside the Percival Molson Memorial Stadium to engrave your name.. We are in the early stages of that plan, but it will be epic. This is your chance to get ‘Your Name’ featured inside the home of the Montreal Alouettes – your second home. Getting your name on this spot comes as part of your investment in the #GCFanBase. We will be releasing more information about this project in the coming months.

3-It’s Forever

Unfortunately, we do not all have the chance and the talent to become a professional athlete and see our names being engraved in monuments or mythical places of the professional sport world. However, with the Grey Cup Fan Base and the Alouettes heritage spot, it is now possible and for eternity… Once your name is in, it’s in for good. Take comfort that your name will reside in its proper place, inside your stadium and next to the Grey Cup.

4-Part of the Solution

So no 2020 season was a tough pill to swallow for all of us. We know you feel the same. That is why the Grey Cup Fan Base is so important. We are already grateful to have you as our fans … but you can now, more than ever, be part of the solution for the future of our players, our team and the CFL.

5-The big Alouettes family, it’s all of us

We have said this to you over and over for months, this crisis has reminded us that the most important thing in life is and always will be the health and well-being of our family members and loved ones.  You are part of our family, yes football, yes the Alouettes are important to you and to us but the most important thing for us is knowing that you will be able to continue to come watch your favorite players at the Percival-Molson Memorial stadium as soon as it will be possible. We understand that a lot of you might not be able to make the Grey Cup Fan Base a priority at the moment. If it is not for now, perhaps later, and if it is simply not possible, this does not mean you are no longer part of our family.

More info about the Grey Cup Fan Base: