July 29, 2020

PODCALS – Episode 3 : “We are inches away”

“I had chills and had to snap back into it”

The Alouettes are inches away from bringing the Grey Cup back to Montreal. Those are the words of Alouettes linebacker Henoc Muamba, which can be heard in the third episode of the Podcals.

Muamba and teammate Greg Reid, discuss many subjects, including the 2019 season, a typical game preparation week as well as coach Bob Slowik.

Muamba discusses the importance of the crowd in Montreal and the special moments they created together last season.

“We had so many great games at home this past season. I remember looking into the crowd, it was getting darker and I looked into the crowd and we’re making a comeback. Everyone was into the game. People had their phones out and their lights were flat. It gives you the chills and I had to snap back and get back into the game,” recalled Muamba.

“I think that’s part of bringing the team back to its glory days. I believe with the character of the men we have in this locker and the support of the city, we are well on our way. Inches away from taking the last step and bringing home that trophy,” added the Canadian linebacker.

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