June 1, 2020

Podcals, Episode 1: The Offense

Here is the first episode of the new PODCALS! This week, we had the pleasure to have with us star receiver Geno Lewis, head coach Khari Jones et Dino Mazone, season member since 2011.

We had the pleasure to discuss about offense, the 2020 roster, and many other interesting topics!


0:00 : The offensive unit and the receiving squad

3:00: The relationship between Geno, the receiver and VA

9:20 : Maintaining the momentum gained in 2019 and how every player can keep evolving

14:10 : Relationship with Khari Jones and what Khari Jones does to make it work

16:10 : The DB’ situation with Stanback no longer with the team

19:30 : What Geno needs to improve on

22:32 : Adjustments in the CFL

28:35 – Learning new plays

31:25 – The Alouettes’ exceptional team spirit

33:08 – The importance of football for Geno

38:22 – The impact of the confinement of the players’ ability to be game-ready

39:40 – Head coach Khari Jones joins the conversation

42:00 – Khari Jones touches on the importance of trusting his players.

43:25 – Khari Jones’ thoughts on an eventual return to play.

48:11 – The Netflix docuseries “The Last Dance”