March 26, 2020

The 2019 season review: September 14, things come to a halt in the West

Our 2019 season review continue with September 14 in Saskatchewan!


Saturday September 14 2019,
Final score : 27-25


The Alouettes arrive in Saskatchewan feeling confident with three wins under their belt. Our boys are looking to get revenge after losing 17-10 to the Riders in a cancelled game due to thunder and a rainstorm.

The situation is pretty familiar for the Als: a strong start and a lot of offensive plays, but very few points on the board. Our offence reaches the 20-yard line three times in the first half, but we only manage to gain three points each time. By the end of the second quarter, the Riders capitalize on offence thanks to a touchdown and a field goal. 10-9 Saskatchewan at halftime.

Things get going for Montreal in the third quarter. After an offensive streak that ends with a punt, Vernon Adams Jr. throws for 30 yards landing directly in Quan Bray’s arms. William Stanback runs into the end zone for a touchdown. DeVier Posey catches the ball for the 2-point conversion. The Alouettes are up 17-10 and add one more on a Boris Bede single. 18-10 Als.

Fajardo and the Riders answer back at the start of the fourth quarter tying the game 18-18. We’re hoping for our offence to get things going again but on a punt, our long snapper Martin Bédard and Bede don’t understand each other resulting in Saskatchewan recovering the ball at our 19-yard line. Powell registers a touchdown giving the Riders a 24-18 lead.

We know this Montreal team has incredible character. Eugene Lewis bounces right back putting the Als back on top 25-24.

The last few minutes of the game prove to be heart stopping. Ultimately, the Riders get the win thanks to a punt with 47 seconds left on the game clock. It was a hard-fought battle that didn’t go our way.


The next game against the Blue Bombers in Montreal turns out to be one for the ages…