March 26, 2020

10 great books to read now!

By Nadine, @alsc_nadine

When we find ourselves confined between four walls for an extended period of time, it’s only normal to begin running out of ideas of things to do! Why not start a good novel to get away from it all and escape into another universe?
Although we can’t get our hands on actual books since can’t leave the house and all the libraries and book stores are closed, you can still download ebooks via the BAnQ (Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec) or order books online to support local bookstores.

Honestly, I love reading, but I have a slight attention deficit, which makes me get sidetracked and lose focus quickly. However, there are a few books that have captivated me and kept me reading for hours. With the help of my cheer squad, I put together for you a top 10 list of our favourite books!

  1. My favourite
  2. Central Park, by Guillaume Musso
    “I love this author. All of his novels have captivated me, and I was able to finish them in 3 or 4 days! They’re real page-turners! The way he writes allows us to imagine many different scenarios, but he always manages to surprise us!
    Central Park is the first book I read from him, and the one that has made me fall in love with his writing style and start reading again. It’s become one of my most cherished titles!

  3. Alexandre’s favourite
  4. Aliss, by Patrick Senécal
    Alexandre had only great things to say about this dark and gruesome adaptation of Alice in Wonderland: “I was 16 years old the first time I read the book, which talks about a young girl who’s trying to figure out who she is. I could relate a lot to that back then. This novel has allowed me to find some answers. One thing that I like about this book is that every time I read it, I understand the story differently, depending on my age and what I’m going through at that moment.”

  5. Marie-Chloé’s favourite
  6. Tu peux toujours courir and Tu peux toujours rester, by Valérie Chevalier (French only)
    “If I could, I would have chosen every novel from this Quebec author (bonus points for local talent!). This one was her first book and tells the tale of her two best friends, Maud and Alice, who both live in Montreal. Each chapter is narrated by one of the two girls and we follow their adventure, mainly their love stories. We quickly get attached to the characters and somewhat feel like their friends. I felt like I could relate a lot to Alice, whereas my best friend Claudia would see herself more in Maud! I love the fact that they visit restaurants and areas of Montreal that we are familiar with, which allows us to really to put ourselves in the shoes of the main characters. It took the author four years, but she finally came out with the sequel “ Tu peux toujours rester “, which I read as quickly as the first book! Chick-lit at its finest! “

  7. Annie Larouche’s favourite
  8. Becoming, by Michelle Obama
    “ This book traces the intimate and exceptional journey of a woman of character. A daughter, a wife, a mother who was able to create a change in mentalities and belief systems while supporting her husband and raising two young daughters under the watchful eye of the world. This title is an absolute favourite of mine and a big source of inspiration.”

  9. Haley’s Favourite
  10. Little Women, Louisa May Alcott
    “It’s something my grandmother used to read to me all the time as a little girl, so I have an emotional attachment to the book. I really love what it stands for.”

  11. My favourite
  12. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Jack Thorne & John Tiffany
    “All those who know me know that I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan! This book (in the style of a theater play) is the best way to get to know what your favourite characters have become.” Of course, I also recommend any Harry Potter book!

  13. Sidney’s favourite
  14. Stay close, Harlen Coben
    Harlen Coben is Sidney’s favourite actor! She recommends ALL of his books! According to her, “Harlen Coben is a magician! Every time you think you’ve figured out the plot, he shakes things up and sends you off on a different route! I love when an author can create that feeling! You never know what to expect.

  15. My favourite
  16. Touch and Go, Lisa Gardner
    “Lisa Gardner is another author that I adore! Oh yeah, another book filled with suspense! This page turner has really captivated me, from beginning to end! I was so excited to see how it was going to unfold at the end! This story is so well written that time flies when I was read it. You really can’t judge a book by its cover…”

  17. My favourite
  18. Do you really need it? Pierre-Yves McSween
    « On a totally different note, this book has made me reflect on my consumption habits, my life choices and the consequences and implications that come out of them. A different read that has helped me become more aware!”

  19. My favourite
  20. I am Pilgrim, Terry Hayes
    “If you’re a fan of thrilling action movies such as Jason Bourne and Homeland, this book is for you! This thriller will keep you in suspense from the beginning to the end. Enigma, plots and conspiracies, secrets… all the ingredient are there for you to have an extraordinary literary experience! I hope they’ll make a movie out of it one day!”