March 23, 2020

The 2019 season review: August 17, an important victory

Next on our 2019 season review: our win against the Stampeders in overtime!


Saturday August 17 2019,
Final score : 40-34


It’s Saturday, August 17th and our Alouettes have a tall order to fill: beat the 2018 Grey Cup champions on their home turf. The stakes are high; We haven’t had a victory in Calgary since 2009 and are trying to get back to our winning ways after experiencing two strange and cruel losses at home.

If our birds have been able to prove one thing so far, it’s that anything is possible and they’re about to show us just that in what will become an instant classic and game-of-the-year candidate.

We have to say that Vernon, just like the rest of his crew, experiences his fair share of ups and downs during the battle. The first half consists mainly of big plays from both teams. Our Alouettes are up first on the scoreboard after a nicely executed 29-yard Bede field goal. It doesn’t take too long before our rivals take advantage of an interception on VA to retaliate with a touchdown, followed by two field goals in the second quarter. At the break, Calgary is leading 14-6. It’s not our most convincing start…

Little do we know that our Alouettes are about to pull a major stunt in the second half. Our defence does a wonderful job at putting on brakes at the Albertan offence, while our very own Jake Wieneke, Eugene Lewis and Boris take it upon themselves to add 11 points to the scoreboard. Just like that, it’s 17-14 Montreal. It’s becoming a very tightly contested duel and fans are on the edge of their seats, stunned by a series of explosive games. In a surprising turn of events in the fourth quarter, Arbuckle and Begelton manage to break through our defence … not once, but twice!

Calgary now leads by 11 points. Did you think are Als we going to sit back and accept defeat? Never! With less than 2 minutes left, VA connects with Eugene Lew to cap off a six-play, 97-yard foray into the end zone. 8 points are added for the Alouettes. There’s 38 seconds to go; all eyes are on Bede as he places an onside kick. The execution is flawless, and the ball is seemingly magically caught by a leaping Geno. The ball is ours and our offence is getting closer and closer to the end zone, but we have to settle for a field goal. The clocks say zero, and it’s a tie!


Overtime starts and everyone is holding their breath. It’s a tit-for-tat game. Calgary scores a touchdown, then we score a touchdown, and then another one. Calgary now has the ball and must land a touchdown to tie the game. Arbuckle’s final pass seems to land just out of bounds. An automatic review upholds the close call, clinching an exhilarating 40-34 win for the Alouettes.

It’s an unforgettable battle and the beginning of another winning streak for our Als.