March 20, 2020

The 2019 season review: July 20, a heroic defence

Next in our 2019 season review: July 20 against the Eskimos!


Saturday July 20 2019,
Final score : 20-10


July 20, 2019—It’s sizzling hot at Percival Molson Stadium as a heat wave is going over Montreal. We are hosting. It’s over 40 degrees when our men step onto the field, ready to go head to head against the Eskimos, for their fifth battle of the season. Our last encounter with our rivals from Edmonton ended in an unfortunate 32-25 loss for us. Coming off two big wins, our Als are ready to take their revenge.

Remember how Trevor Harris and his boys had put up over 500 yards of offence against our men in game 1? That could have been a cause for concern for some… but not for our guys. Our defence is getting better game after game, our offence is more explosive than ever and we’re all around much more confident as a team than a month ago.

As soon as the first quarter starts, it’s looking like it’s good old-fashioned defensive game as both teams are struggling to gain first downs. Then, things turn around. Opening up the score in the first quarter are Eugene Lewis and Vernon Adams, with a beautifully executed trick play that some will eventually refer to as the Philly special.

Shortly after, Greg Reid picks off Trevor Harris at the 36-yard line. It’s getting clear that our defence did not come to play. Our defensive units will dominate the first half consistently shutting down the Eskimos’ offence, allowing us to go into halftime with a 10-6 lead.

Midway through the second half, the Eskimos score their third field goal, tightening the gap. 10-9. Our Als retaliate almost immediately with a touchdown by Jake Wieneke, assisted by none other than Vernon Adams Jr. The rest of the game was mostly about defence, with multiple tackles and another pick, this time by Taylor Loffler. In the second half, our guys gave up only 1 point to what was supposed to be the most powerful team of the league. Not bad. At all.

The game ends with a 20-10 score for our Alouettes. It’s the first time our Als win three consecutive games since the end of 2016. And guess who was our QB back then? A certain Vernon Adams Jr…


👉 Tomorrow, we look back on our battle against the REDBLACKS