March 18, 2020

Breakfast : my favourite meal of the day

By Claudia@Als_Claudia

I like taking the time to eat breakfast. I enjoy making a good meal full of nutrients and vitamins to start the day just right. It helps me tackle my daily activities. I’m sharing here my morning smoothie bowl recipes. I also love having good company for breakfast, whether it’s at home or at the restaurant!

Here is my favorite breakfast recipe. What’s so special about this recipe is that there are thousands of ways to make it! Truthfully, I never follow recipes, I just create my own! Because of that, I can’t tell you the exact portions quantities, but it’s fine because no better way than following your instincts and going by trial and error! You’ll create your perfect smoothie-bowl recipe in no time!

You’ll need:

  • A fruit base
  • I suggest a creamy fruit for a smooth base: half a banana or half an avocado
    I wouldn’t suggest berries for the base, save them for the topping. Some of my favorite fruits for the base are apples, pears and peaches. You can also mix them together!
    I only use filtered water to blend the fruits. Some people like adding milk or yogurt…that’s your call!

  • Nuts, seeds and cereal
  • To add some crunch to your base, you’ll need nuts, seeds and cereal.
    My favourite are sliced almonds, oats and chia seeds. One of my secret ingredients for a perfect smoothie bowl is chocolate-covered puffed quinoa that you can find in specialty stores.

  • A mountain of berries
  • For the topping, add all the fruits you like. I love to add berries like blueberries, raspberries, strawberries or cherries.

  • The final touch
  • Sprinkle your bowl with some cinnamon, maca powder or spirulina powder, and you’re done!

    You’ve just made yourself a delicious smoothie bowl, full of vitality and love!

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