February 10, 2020

The cheerleaders will be on the field!

The Montreal Alouettes announced today that they have reconsidered their decision; the best cheerleaders in the country will be part of the game to continue to impress the crowd with their athletic choreographies.

The fans reached out, our members spoke up, they asked us in a very constructive and respectful manner, for the vast majority of them, to reconsider our position. They also clearly demonstrated their profound attachment to our cheerleader team, and to the Alouettes. Consequently, we listened and read all communication.

We are therefore announcing today that the cheerleaders will be part of the Alouettes’ games, as usual. We are aiming to invite representatives of the cheerleaders as early as this week to talk with management and move forward in a manner that is satisfactory to both the fans, and the Alouettes. Again, we appreciate the comments that support the team and prove the value it has in the eyes of the fans.

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