October 29, 2019

How to Gear Up for the Playoffs

You don’t get to attend a playoff game every day! It’s a special moment that requires a minimum of preparation, so we decided to help you find everything you need to the best fan our guys could ever wish for.


The Horn

It’s a classic and it works. Get yourself an annoyingly loud horn and don’t be shy to use it when the opponent has the ball.

The Jersey

Nothing beats a personalized jersey with the name of your favourite player to rep your favourite team.

The Hoodies

So you can show off on Fridays at work as well as at the stadium, we present to you our collection of chic and cozy hoodies for women and men.

The Jackets

To be honest, it might be cold on November 10 at the stadium. It’s CFL football, after all. But it doesn’t have to keep you from bearing your team’s colours! The bomber is a great fashion move, while the classic winter jacket is sure to keep you warm.

The Toque and Scarf Combo

They’re a little less expensive than the jackets and a great way to bundle up with style.

The Blanket

It’s not available online, but it’s extremely useful for fall outdoor games: the blankie! Bring your own covers or stop by the store as soon as the gates open to get one. Hurry, we don’t have many left!

The Flag

Our stadium is beautiful, but when our fans cover it in red, white and blue, it becomes absolutely breathtaking. The flags are perfect to add some colour in the stands and in your own basement.


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