August 6, 2019

5 reasons to come watch us play the Riders

Have you ever tried squashing watermelon? You could come and give it a try with us this Friday, August 9 as our Alouettes will be on a mission to crush the Saskatchewan Roughriders to kick off another winning streak.

The atmosphere at the stadium was absolutely wild last week – see photo below – and we guarantee you just as much fun this time around for the five following reasons.

1-Beer is only $7 (again)

We feel like this is a key element, so we’re just reminding you that, every time we play on Fridays, Budweiser cans are only $7 throughout the entire game.

2-Defence is making big plays

Defensive Coordinator Bob Slowik’s squad had a near perfect game last week, giving up only one touchdown and creating not one, not two, not three but FOUR turnovers. DB Ciante Evans picked the ball off twice, Taylor Loffler forced a fumble, then recovered the ball and Henoc Muamba recovered a ball that had been deflected after a fumble. Sorta cool to watch. You make noise, they’ll make plays. Go!

3-DJ Kelly is performing at half-time

DJ Kelly is the cool artist everybody loves. The proud mama, fine connoisseur of hip-hop and kick-a** boss lady, will be in the Bier Garden with her turntable at half-time. Whether you’re more new school or old school, the Montreal DJ will have you dancing out of your seat.

4-We’re honouring our future stars

If your son, niece or little neighbour play football, take them to the game so they can see their heroes and future heroes play. We’ll be awarding rising stars of the RSEQ with grants and allowing them to step on the field during the player presentation. Moral of the story: Study hard, work hard and your dreams could come true little buddy.

5-You could win a seat on the Fan Plane

Upon purchasing a Budweiser Friday Night Lights pack, Labatt offers you a chance to win four spots on the Fan Plane. In addition to sipping a cold $7 beer while watching the best show in town this Friday, you could take off with us to watch our Alouettes face the Toronto Argos in Moncton on August 25.

You know what to do!

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