July 31, 2019

Top 5 Sportium products for working out brought to you by our very own cheerleaders

Feel good, look good, train good! Here are some of our cheerleaders’ favourite Sportium products.

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1- Julie D. would absolutely dance in the Skechers Heritage Women’s Training Pants

The mix of cotton and polyester is not only super comfy, it’s the perfect blend to stay dry.

2-Jessica B. opts for the stylish MYT ColorBlocked Tracksuit by Reebok

The top has a loose shape with batwing sleeves for extra comfort and incredible style. Look good, feel good, dance good.

3-Rani-Gabrielle says the Celebrate the 90’s Women’s Jacket by Adidas is a must have

This jacket is not just cool for its retro look. Its soft and lightweight fabric wicks moisture very quickly to help stay you dry and comfortable while you break a sweat.

4-Marion B. runs in her Nike’s Women’s Eclipse Running Short – on sale for only $38.50!

The stunter likes to jog to stay in shape and this item is perfect for her long strolls! The split along the seams allows optimal mobility and the unique pocketing system allows you to keep your essentials, like your phone or keys, close.

5-Yan F-R. opts for coziness with the Under Armour Sportstyle Terry Logo Men’s Training Hooded Sweater

Now this sweater is the absolute best when you need full freedom of movement like Yan when training. Breathable and humidity-resistant, this comfy hoodie will have you looking your best all the while getting your muscle pump.