July 10, 2019

New partnerships for an unprecedented experience!

Our team wouldn’t be the same without the support of our precious partners and, this season, we’re able to rely on an even greater group of well-established businesses. Here are some examples of the experiences that our new alliances allow us to bring to our fans.


La Cage Offers a Whole new menu

Last week, the team announced its official partnership with La Cage. For the next five years, fans will be able to choose among the great variety of fresh and local products featured in La Cage’s improved menu.

“We are thrilled to welcome La Cage in our nest on the mountain,” said Patrick Boivin, President and CEO of the Alouettes. ” Making local gastronomy accessible to our fans is directly in line with our Montreals identity, unveiled in February, which will make us better connect with Montrealers through triggers that define our city like music, fashion, culture, and gastronomy to name a few.”

In addition to finding the La Cage’s delicious food options at all stadium food stands, fans can also enjoy classic chicken wings at the La Cage sur la route food truck located in the north corridor, at the exit of sections E1 and F1. The menu in the corporate suites also underwent a major makeover as Quebec products will be served through La Cage’s local partners. The majority of the dishes are the signature of renowned chef Alex Guyon, and most are prepared on-site.

IGA Becomes the Official Grocery Store

While we already love doing our grocery shopping at IGA, now we get to experience our partners culinary prowess first-hand at the BBQ Terrace. Fans will get to savour an all-new product, the VegEat burger, over and over again thanks to the unlimited food option. A real good veggie burger because IGA and the Als care for your health! Meat lovers will also have plenty options to get their grub on.

IGA provides pre- and post-practice snacks to the players as well to complement the succulent meals offered by Bien Manger.

Lesters adopts the All-You-Can-Eat section

Lesters is one of our long-time partners, but its association to the popular All-You-Can-Eat section is brand new! Now, with a ticket for the section, fans can chow down on as many Lesters hot dogs and smoked meats their stomach can handle.

Cidre McAdam offers sweet refreshments

Fans will be able to wet their lips in a flavorful glass of McAdam cider or LBV International wines available at some stadium food stands.

LBV International also becomes the official provider for the Business Club.

BRICK entertains the little ones

It’s the only thing that was missing to make the stadium experience optimal for fans of all ages! The BRICK Family Zone is located on the South side of the stadium and includes an animation area with face painting, drawing tables, gaming stations, board games and more to keep your kids busy. And the best part if that tickets for kids 16 and under are only $5, every game.

The Casino Introduces the Team

In addition to showing our away games in the Zone like last year, the Casino de Montréal is now officially tied to the pregame player presentation. A must see this year considering the guys fly out of a life-sized cage!

Plus, the Budweiser Friday Night Football tradition is back with full force with its $7 Budweiser beer cans (473 ml).

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