June 18, 2019

STM x Alouettes x Mural

An STM bus bearing Alouettes colours

Max Prévo was never really a football fan, but he’s always been a true fan of his city. Our city.

“I’m a fan of Mural and Montreality, so when the STM and the Alouettes approached me to work on a bus, I thought it would be a great idea.”

Like any athlete, Max likes to work at 100%. At 100% of his energy, and 100% of his canvas.

“The format is atypical, it’s interesting to fill up a surface like this one. I like to work make life-size sketches. In this case, I had models for each side of the bus, but it’s not the same once you’re actually working on the real thing. It’s an excellent challenge.”

Max was in the last stretch of his creation process when we met with him, and even though he took the time to talk to us, we could feel he was anxious to get back to his nearly finished artwork. On one side of the bus, you could see the Mont-Royal and the Olympic Stadium, two iconic sites of Montreal also associated with the Alouettes.

“I want people to identify with little parts of history. I want people to look at the bus and say: ‘Ah, yes! I know what this is!’ Plus, it’s the lucky shuttle, so people will feel privileged to hop onboard. It needs to be exciting!” explains Max.

The STM bus designed by artist Max Prévo will be travelling between Place-des-arts and the stadium during home games this season