May 17, 2019

Training Camp Diaries: Samuel Thomassin’s Childhood Dream Coming True

Training camp. A much-awaited, yet often sometimes dreaded moment. Think about it, it’s two weeks of intense work on the field and in meeting rooms, from 8 am to 10 pm, sometimes even later. It’s breakfast, lunch and dinner at the cafeteria. Short nights in the single beds of college dorms. It’s the pressure and fear of hearing a knock on your door at the wrong time… But it’s mostly a time to catch up with your teammates, meet the new guys in town, revive your competitive spirit and finally play some ball.

The rookies set foot at McGill Stadium this week. As they do every season, the youngsters took the opportunity to get accustomed with the coaching staff and the professional pace before having to measure up to the vets. Today, Samuel Thomassin told us a bit about his experience.

“It’s still early to notice huge differences, but I know that there are so many technical points to work on at my position. There can always be adjustments made in our steps or in the way we place our hands. I’m noticing that, depending on where we’re coming from, we’ve all learned differently. I do think I was given good tools in Laval to apply pressure though and I’m going to give my 100% no matter what, at every practice and try to get better every day,” he said after his third practice with the team Thursday morning.

You can tell, standing tall at 6’6 and 330 lbs, Samuel is all-in.
“It’s crazy to know that you could be a part of the team you watched your entire life. It’s a childhood dream come true.”

The young o-lineman coming to us straight for the Rouge et Or is determined to work his way into the roster. At the rookie camp, he is reunited with two familiar faces in the huddle; QB Hugo Richard and receiver Étienne Moisan (currently practicing as a tight-end).

According to OC Khari Jones, the scouting team has spoken highly of Samuel. Will he turn out to be our next Luc Brodeur-Jourdain? The competition for a spot on the offensive front will certainly be fierce with guys like Luc Brodeur-Jourdain himself, Kristian Matte, Tony Washington, Sean Jamieson, Zach Annen, Na’ty Rodgers, Tyler Johnstone and Trey Rutherford coming back in addition to star player Spencer Wilson and a few more men joining the squad.

Filling the gaps on the line is one of the most important tasks of this year’s training camp and the contest should be quite interesting to watch starting next week.

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