These women who think football

We ensure sound management of budgets, we answer your questions online, we feed the Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts, we even code for the website, we capture your favourite sports moments, we nourish the most important relationships with corporate partners, we write player contracts, we put on breathtaking shows for you, we prepare the stadium for games, we manage the craziness of the control booth, we report the latest news on the team. We are the women of the Alouettes.

My biggest daily challenge is the speed at which we have to work. New projects continuously arise and I have to manage them all simultaneously. You have to be reactive, open and bold to work in this business, but I’m happy to do it all because I’m truly passionate about sports. I’m all about emotion and I don’t believe you can experience as many as when you work in professional sports. – Joanie Martin, Fan Experience Manager

Before being an Alouettes employee, I was a fan. My father had season tickets and we often attended the games together. The world of sports always fascinated me and, honestly, what’s better than selling something you love? Especially when it’s football games! U-n-b-e-a-t-a-b-l-e. – Pamela Rondeau-Chabot, Account Manager, Corporate Partnerships

I need to consistently ensure that I am enabling the team to be the best that they possibly can be on the field by removing all possible distractions.  Try to make things as simple as possible and I think my work speaks for itself. If I’m accountable, reliable and trustworthy, then I’m respected and thus empowered to take on more.  If you don’t push yourself, you never know what you can actually handle nor how strong you truly are. – Caitlin Bell, Manager of Football Operations

I truly believe you can build a career that you don’t need vacation from. I’m here because I’m passionate about sports and football. Because I have deep respect for athletes, for their discipline, for the efforts they make every day, for their ability to pick themselves up after a failure. When I explain my job to my daughter, I tell her I write stories about superheroes. Pretty awesome when you think of it. – Émilie Desgagné, Content Director

What I love most about shooting sports is being in the moment. You’re right there with the players and the fans, and you can literally feel the electricity and the tension in the stadium or the arena. I especially love capturing small moments in time, usually the ones that aren’t shown on TV or in the papers. I like to look back on the photos and say, “I remember that!” and feel like I’m right back in that period in time. – Cynthia Cianciusi, Marketing Coordinator

What makes our job exciting is that we get to truly work as a team to support the company. A football team is like a big family! You get attached really quickly and it automatically ignites your passion for the sport. Throughout the ups and downs, we feel the need to help the company succeed and we’re extremely proud to be able to contribute to its growth. –Rachel St-Jean-Pellerin and Kathleen Sauvé, Controller and Assistant Controller

“When I started in 1996, there were barely any women in the organization. I spoke in meetings and the guys would say things like “Oh there goes the female talking!” Regardless of those comments, I was never afraid to take what’s mine and to voice my opinion. That’s how you climb the ladder.” – Annie Larouche, Director, Foundation and Cheerleaders

Today, remind the women around you that they are strong, competent and appreciated. Even better, do it every day!
Happy International Women’s Day!