January 25, 2019

Young Montreal Talents Shine at the Pro Bowl

After winning the CFL-NFL Flag Football National Championship, the young athletes of Flight School, based in Lachine, earned a spot in the international tournament held this week as part of the Pro Bowl festivities. Against all odds. Yesterday, they went undefeated and beat Mexico in the final to take the win in Orlando. Against all odds, again. It’s the first time in history that a Canadian team finishes in first place.

Sidenote: the two teams who made it to the final, Canada and Mexico, were the only ones with at least one girl on the field.

Flight School is a unique team composed of kids with different backgrounds, living in different boroughs, raised in different cultures, but they all have one thing in common: their passion for football. The sport has opened their minds as they got to know each other through the years and has allowed them to build chemistry, friendships, unbreakable bonds.

Kaiden, Nygiel, Maxime, Amani, Connor, William, Aleena, Jamyan, Jayden, Malik and Ryley entered the regional tournament feeling like underdogs and that’s how they approached the competition in Orlando. They made it their mission to shine throughout Montreal. Furthermore, they vowed to show the world their talent in the name of the country they all call home.


Kaiden Dewey
aka Timmy Toe Tap

Position: Wide Receiver
Has played football for 6 years
I’m #ToujoursGame because I want to dominate at every aspect of the game.

Nygiel Augustin
aka Wave Master

Position: Running Back and Defensive Back
Has played football for 6 years
I’m #ToujoursGame because I want me and my teammates to be recognized as the best of the best internationally

Maxime Latendresse
aka Big Mac

Position: Wide Receiver
Has played football for 4 years
To me, #ToujoursGame means to be always looking to make the next big play.

Amani Ho Sang Grant
aka AK

Position: Quarterback and Defensive Back
Has played football since the age of 4 and he’s the youngest member of the team.
“I always wanted to learn more about the game and I always paid attention to details.
Watching my older brothers play motivated me to start my own journey. That’s what makes me #ToujoursGame.”

Connor O’Connell

Position: Quarterback
Has played football for 7 years.
“I’m #ToujoursGame because when i step out on the field I tell myself that I might never have this opportunity again so I strive to be the best I can. Football is my passion and my teammates are like my family.”

Aleena Chopra
aka Crystal Mamba

Position: Centre and Wide Receiver
Has played football for 2 years.
“I’m oblivious to pressure, I don’t feel any stress. That’s how I manage to stay #ToujoursGame. I also want to break barriers in a sport that is predominantly played by boys.”

Malik Sabourin Danglade
aka Flash

Position: Centre and Running Back
Has played football for 5 years.
“I’ve always been one of the fastest on the field. I’m #ToujoursGame because I truly believe my speed kills.”

Jayden Michel
aka Lil Gronkowski

Position: Tight End and Wide Receiver
Has played football for 6 years.
“I want to beat the odds and constantly work to get better. I’m #ToujoursGame because of it.”

William Leclerc
aka Will

Position: Wide Receiver
Has played football for 7 years.
“I’m determined to get to the top, that’s what makes me #ToujoursGame”

Jamyan Theodore
aka Main man

Position: All skill positions
Has played football for 7 years.
“The challenge of being the best. That’s what makes me #ToujoursGame.”

Ryley Vaughan
aka Ry

Position: Rusher
“I just love the game of football. That’s why I’m #ToujoursGame”