October 31, 2018

Young and restless, older and wiser; the Alouettes show unity in a win against the Argos

We went through quite the weather mix and quite the mix of emotions on Sunday at McGill Stadium as our Als crushed the Toronto Argonauts 40 to 10. It was the last home game of the season and possibly the last one ever at McGill Stadium for John Bowman and Luc Brodeur-Jourdain. If that’s the case, the two staples of the Alouettes locker room will be able to say that they gave one heck of a show on their ultimate appearance in Montreal ground. John scored his second touchdown with the Alouettes (he had scored in a playoff game in 2009), while Luc held the reigns at centre, allowing Johnny Manziel to finally get his first W as a starter in the CFL and offering both Manziel and Pipkin the gift of a sack-free game. Now that’s something.

Linebacker Chip Cox also played his part by cutting the Argos last possession of the game short with a sack for losses at the Toronto 28-yard line. In 13 seasons with the Als, low-key Chip never quit his relentless hunt. While the season may not have panned out the way we wanted it to, the veterans clearly hadn’t said their last words.

Billy Parker, DB coach and ex-teammate of John, Chip and Luc, was happy to see his guys leave the field in good fashion on Sunday. “I’m happy for the whole team that we got the win. To finally see things come together on Fan Appreciation Day,” he said smiling after shaking hands with loyal supporters. “Seeing Bow get that play and then Chip get a sack right after was good. It was really good.”

The 2018 record will only be slightly better than last year’s, but the vibe, the progress and the talent are nothing like the 2017 situation. According to many, including John Bowman, the organization is on the right track.

“When you compare this year to last year, this year, besides maybe three games, we were in every game. A couple bounces here and there and we’re looking at eight or nine wins instead of only three. The foundation is being established, the culture is being changed. The team is a lot more competitive now than it was last year,” confirmed our legendary number 7 earlier this week.

Seeing how young rising stars like William Stanback and Antonio Pipkin have worked their way up and want to come back next year, we believe it.

“It means a lot to me that this organization took me in,” said Will after the game. “A lot of things happened to me in the past and I’m very appreciative towards all the people who are riled up and pushing me to move forward.”

The rookie running back hit the field hungry and determined to step foot in the end zone once and for all. And he did it not once, but twice. After rushing the ball on 42 yards and stumbling at the one-yard line, he made it in a first time to cap off the initial quarter and take the score up to 10 to 4 for the good guys.

Things then got REALLY interesting in the second quarter. Our first offensive drive ended with a classic Boris Bede field goal for an extra three points and that’s when the craziness began. Defensive back Tevaughn Campbell started off by knocking down a pass from Franklin on second and three at the Montreal 38-yard line. Of course, the Argos called upon the services of their punt team, but the attempt was blocked by defensive lineman Woody Baron. John Bowman recovered the ball and carried it for the first time of the afternoon.

Wait, it doesn’t stop there! The offence hopped on the field and, BOOM, scored on the first play. A trick play that is. A 61-yard gain in which Eugene Lewis hinted that he may have quarterback skills by completing a lucrative pass to Canadian receiver George Johnson. Actually, it’s not that he may have the skills, he has them. Geno, who threw and ran for over 1,000 yards during his two seasons at pivot in High School, promised a few weeks ago to show us how good he could throw. After another field goal by Boris Bede, the score was 23 to 4 at the half.

Despite an Argos touchdown, our Alouettes lead was never really threatened. Not much can be said against Rich Stubler’s defensive unit as it’s been a true example of consistency for some time now. Tevaughn Campbell was tight on coverage in the corners, newcomer Greg Reid was productive with seven tackles, including at least two open-field hits, while the defensive line and linebackers tag teamed to rack up five sacks.

As a matter of fact, the fourth quarter was launched by two consecutive sacks by Woody Baron and John Bowman who, with that 126th sack, is now officially tied with Stewart Hill in 7th place all-time #HallofFame

A few minutes later, John got the major and made it three-possession game. With Antonio Pipkin behind the wheel, the Alouettes finished strong. A lateral pass to William Stanback and a 10-yard run later it as a wrap. 40 to 10 Alouettes; one last win at home for all of you who cheered on our boys this year. Thank you!