October 24, 2018

5 reasons to attend the LAST home game

It’ll be Christmas before time at McGill Stadium on Sunday, October 28. Our plan for the last home game versus the Toronto Argonauts is simple: to shower you with lots and lots and lots of gifts. Here’s everything you can expect if you make the wise decision to come spend your afternoon with us.

1. Tons of Gifts

A last home game is a great reason to party! And we’re doing it by celebrating all the love you, our fans, showed us this year. Or maybe we were just looking for an excuse to spoil you. Get your seats now and you could be one of the 25 lucky fans to win a cool gift. Every day, until Friday, the prize packs change… Check it out

2. You’ll Win, No Matter What

Question: So, what happens if I buy my tickets and don’t win?
Answer: You make sure you are one of the first 10,000 fans to step foot in the stadium to receive your very own special deck of cards. Player and cheerleader collectible cards + gift cards for 500 fans! You could win a season membership, a winter coat, tickets for the 2019 home opener and more… It’s worth getting to the stadium early for a pregame beer!

*If being punctual is not your forte and you miss the opportunity to get your hands on a deck of cards, stop by one of our stores. We have ANOTHER gift for ya: 40% off E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G*.
*Certain conditions

3. It’s Not Too Late

Every year, some of our best dudes decide to hang up their cleats. It’s life. We don’t know who will be retiring this winter, but we know it’s always worth going the extra mile to watch some vets like John BowmanChip Cox and Stef Logan at work.
All three reached admirable milestones this season; John Bowman is now 7th all-time for sacks, Chip Cox is 4th in league history for most defensive tackles and Stef Logan officially became THE best kick returner in Alouettes history.
All three have played important roles in the locker room.
All three would love to hear you cheering them on in the stands.

And let’s not forget local favourite, Luc Brodeur-Jourdain. Make sure you say hi if you see our gentle giant from your seat!

4. Audition Day

For others, this game represents the future, the chance of a lifetime. Our team has recently announced that it is taking a youthful turn. Some of the stars of tomorrow will be battling it up on Sunday as if it was an audition. We might not be playing for a spot in the playoffs, but the rookies are playing for a spot, period. Ending the season with a better record than last year, making progress with the elements in place, winning a game with Johnny under centre are all issues at stake. Wondering who are the next Bowman, Cox, Logan, Sutton and Brodeur-Jourdain? Come spot them on the field; the bets are on!

5. We’re Changing Outfits

Not on Sunday, but soon! It’ll be your last opportunity to see our birds suited up in the classic uniform we’re all accustomed to. You didn’t know? Take a look at the sneak peek released last week to see what’s cooking in the Als kitchen #ToujoursGame