August 2, 2018

Friday, August 3. Alouettes VS Ticats. 5 reasons to attend.

It’s the last week of the construction holidays… end them with a bang by celebrating our third Budweiser Friday Night Lights with us on Friday, August 3 at McGill Stadium. Here’s why you can’t miss it  👇

Things are shaping up on offence

The offensive unit gained some momentum last week. Of course, there’s still a lot of work to do, but the starting group should have practiced its lines enough to put more points on the scoreboard against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. We know what you’re thinking… who will be starting at QB? Johnny it is.

There’s no doubt that he’ll be looking for his receivers down the field, but he might also want to rely on RB Tyrell Sutton whose grit has yet to fluctuate according to roster changes. Follow Sutty for the rest of the season as he continues to climb towards the top spot for most rushing yards in Als history. He needs 331 to pass Pat Abruzzi at third place and, knowing him, he probably doesn’t even know #humblesuperstar


Everybody loves doing a good deed

Again this year, the Alouettes and the Salvation Army are partnering up to collect school supplies! Being the good human that you are, we know you’ll bring as many items as you possibly can to the game to help kids in need. Right? Thanks to you, they’ll start the school year on the right foot, with their backpacks full.


New month, new era

In August, the guys will be proudly sporting the delta on their helmets. Don’t you just ❤️ that logo? We know you do and that’s why we’re offering vintage hats for only $10 at the stadium on game day! Get yours before heading to your seat… it’s gonna be hawt!


Everybody also loves to learn

Australian football, do you know anything about it? It’s OK, we don’t either but we’ll find out more about on Friday. From what we’ve heard, it’s similar to rugby and it was created to allow cricket players to stay in shape during the off-season. Each team has 18 players (so that means there are at least 36 people practicing this sport in Montreal!) fighting for the win on an oval field (cricket style). Thanks Wikipedia.

Did we spark your curiosity? Good.


Game 7 = comebacks

Players who have been on the 6-game injury list since the beginning of the season will be eligible to come back to hit the field on Friday. Among that list: beloved linebacker Nicolas Boulay, strong special teams contributor Kyle Knox, offensive lineman Phil Gagnon and potential deep threat T.J. Graham. It will be interesting to see him working with a quarterback like Manziel #winningcombination

See you on Friday as soon as the doors open at 6 pm. Come early! The beer is only $7.

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