July 4, 2018

5 reasons why you should be at the July 6 game

Why would you even consider staying home on Friday night anyways!? Hang out at the Jazz Fest for a bit, get ice cream and come on down to Percival-Molson Memorial Stadium for the fourth game of the Alouettes season!

Here’s why you just can’t miss it:

  1. We have what you need to stay cool!

Sun’s out, guns out, $7 beer’s out! Come quench your thirst in the Bier Garden as early at 6 p.m. to celebrate the second edition of our Budweiser Friday Night Lights.


  1. We have the momentum!

This feels good, doesn’t it? This is what it’s all about, but it’s just the beginning. Now, we have to go home, clean up some stuff and win in front of our fans.” Coach Sherman clearly wants to straighten things up in the locker room and make sure you get your money’s worth this season! The W in Saskatchewan got us all pumped… now we want you to be too!


  1. We partnered up with VICE.

And it’s pretty freakin’ amazing. Did you see the intro video at the game on June 22? That’s what you call marketing done well. Best part is it was just a teaser! The real deal will be unveiled in pre-game on Friday. Get there early not to miss it and follow us on social media to share it using #MontreAls.


  1. We have new helmets. Again.

The helmets from the first era were absolute fire, we know, but it’s time to move on to the second era. This Friday, the boys will be wearing the French horn… you know the neat logo that Peter Dalla Riva proudly sported? Oh! And stay tuned for the next video featuring Étienne Boulay as he’ll be chatting with the great Peter about his golden years.


  1. We’re hosting an East division rival

Playing against teams from the West is cool, but nothing beats facing our East division rivals. This Friday, we’re hosting the Ottawa REDBLACKS and their many fans who will inevitably make the trip. We need you to cheer louder than them (but, hey! Be nice with JC Beaulieu!)!


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