August 28, 2017

5 great reasons to attend the August 31 game

Mark’s Labour Day Weekend: Without a doubt, it’s our favourite weekend of the year. We get to enjoy the last parties of the summer, spend quality time with family before school kicks-in full-time… and it all starts with a great football game!

Since their spectacular comeback against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers last week, our Alouettes are locked and loaded. On Thursday, August 31 at 7:30 p.m. at Percival Molson Memorial Stadium, there’s no question the Als will have their sights set on beating the team that is currently one point ahead of them in the East Division standings: the Ottawa REDBLACKS.

Here’s why you should join us Thursday night:

  1. We have the best Back to School offer in town

Bureau en Gros’ Back to School sale can wait* (they’re open on Fridays until 9:00 p.m.). Instead, this is your last chance this season to benefit from our Thursday Night Party pack! Also, because it’s Back to School season, this special offer is now even better: We’re offering four tickets and four regular beers (473 ml) for only $28 per person (instead of $33 per person). And the best thing about it is that everyone can take advantage of this special offer – – you don’t have to be a student! We don’t believe in favouritism around here. Buy your package here and don’t forget to use this promo code: STUDENT17.

* If you’ve already been to Bureau en Gros, even better! In association with the Salvation Army, the Alouettes will be collecting school-related items. Bring some with you to the stadium and help local disadvantaged children start the school year on the right foot.


  1. We also have the best show in Montreal

The offence, along with the defence, gave quite a show last week. Our nerves were frayed, but these rollercoaster games are what makes the CFL so exciting! Last week’s clash of the kickers between Bede and Medlock is something we only get to see in the CFL (or in an English soccer game). Seriously, from an entertainment standpoint, it’s hard to beat. And did you know that the John Jacob Magistery Band will be performing at halftime on Thursday? They’ve played at Osheaga, the Montreal International Jazz Festival, the Folk Fest sur le canal and on Thursday, they’ll be with us for an electrifying performance!

P.S. We’d like to remind you that you can experience all this excitement for as little as $28 per person.


  1. We’re taking on the Grey Cup champions in our house

Even if the REDBLACKS don’t have a season as spectacular as last year’s, they cannot be underestimated. The team from our nation’s capital won last week’s game at home against a formidable BC Lions squad, and are now coming to visit us with no doubt a lot of confidence. For the first time in the regular season, Ernest Jackson will be able to show-off his skills at home against his former teammates. Considering the outcome of the July 19 game in Ottawa (a heartbreaking 24 to 19 loss), we’re confident that E-Jack and his Alouette teammates are looking to even the score.


  1. Ernest Jackson aka the man responsible for putting some excitement into your life

We’re not done talking about Ernest Jackson. The wide receiver once again proved how much we can rely upon him in the critical moments of a game. Last week, it was Ernest and quarterback Darian Durant who led the team back in the fourth quarter when the Als were behind by 10 points. E-Jack was there, in position, ready to snag a 38-yard bomb from his quarterback. And we’re not trying to stir anything up, but, Ernest has now caught up to his teammate B. J. in the CFL’s overall rankings for touchdowns scored this season: both are now tied for third place with four touchdowns each.


  1. Darian Durant: putting up the numbers

When building a house, the first thing to make sure of is that the foundation is solid. It’s the same idea with football. When rebuilding a team, there have to be strong pillars, especially at the quarterback position. Darian Durant’s strength of character has been put to the test many times, but the veteran has never blinked. Instead, he has picked himself up and rebounded to greater heights. With him at QB, our Als are leading the CFL with only 30 2-&-Outs (something the Als struggled with last year). In addition to that, so far this season Darian has had four games with 300 passing yards or more. He had 348 passing yards last week, and that was coming after a loss that could have rattled him. This could be the start of a 300+ passing yards per game streak! See for yourself!


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