March 8, 2017

The Alouettes celebrate International Women’s Day

In context of International Women’s Day, the Montreal Alouettes are highlighting the work of two inspirational women in the organization: assistant general manager of football operations Catherine Raîche, and Annie Larouche, Montreal Alouettes Foundation and cheerleading squad director.

Catherine Raîche started her career in the organization during the 2015 season as a consultant before taking on the role of football administration coordinator after the season’s conclusion. On January 25, 2017, Catherine became assistant general manager of football operations. She is the only woman to hold this position in Canadian football, a field which is male-dominated. A lawyer by trade, she is responsible for negotiating contracts and managing the CFL’s salary cap.

For her part, Annie Larouche is primarily responsible for organizing various events related to the Alouettes Foundation, as well as its management. Armed with 21 years of experience with the Alouettes, she also oversees the cheerleading squad, from selecting candidates right through to their performance on the field. Annie’s background includes paralegal studies, media management and event planning.