August 24, 2016

The TOP 10 of the noisiest objects to bring to the stadium!

The Alouettes are counting on you to be Canada’s noisiest fans, and in so, giving the opponents ringing ears!

To inspire you, we’ve created a list of the noisiest items that are allowed in the stadium.


  1. Diabolica horns
  2. Diabolica horns
    Make some noise, as loud as you can, making the opponents’ offence miserable with the Diabolica horn!

  3. Horns
  4. Horns
    The piercing sound of the Diabolica horn doesn’t grab you? Then why not go for the bigger sound of a classic horn!

  5. Rattles
  6. Rattles
    A classic that never goes out of style!

  7. Air Horns
  8. Air horns
    Honk the opponents!

  9. Pots
  10. pots
    Give a second life to your old pots!

  11. Bongos
  12. bongos
    Frustrate our opponents’ rhythm with the help of percussion instruments! But remember: only tambourines and bongos less than 18 inches wide are permitted.

  13. Tambourines
  14. tambourines
    Just like ketchup and mustard, nothing goes better together than tambourines and bongos!

  15. Cowbells
  16. cowbells
    You can never have too many cowbells!

  17. Clappers
  18. Clapper
    Duplicate the power of your hands (and avoid any soreness)!

  19. The best instrument of them all: your voice!
  20. Your voice

    Hope to see you at the games!