August 2, 2016

The Alouettes Foundation Encourages Quebec’s Young Football Players

MONTREAL – To mark the 12th edition of their bursary program in conjunction with the Quebec Foundation for Athletic Excellence (FAEQ), Mr. Mark Weightman, President and CEO of the Montreal Alouettes, alongside Mr. Simon Céré, Director, Communications – French Specialty, at Bell Media, presented $34,250 in bursaries to 26 of Quebec’s most promising young football players. Also present for the event were Mr. Bob Mironowicz, President of Football Quebec and Mr. Gustave Roël, General Director of the RSEQ.

The bursary awards ceremony was held at the Club Sportif MAA, where numerous Alouettes players train to improve their strength and conditioning. Mr. Weightman commented, “Since the Alouettes were revived in 1996, it’s been important for the organization to support Quebec’s next generation of athletes on and off the field. Year after year, football gains in popularity and the number of student-athletes participating in the sport increases. We are proud to continue to support student-athletes in their pursuit of their academic progress as well as in their football careers.”

26 bursaries were awarded, falling under five categories: 4 Academic Excellence Bursaries, awarding exceptional academic achievements; 4 Leadership Bursaries underlining outstanding community engagement; 1 Perseverance Bursary to encourage an athlete who has overcome incredible odds throughout his academic and athletic career; 16 Academic and Athletic Success Support Bursaries encouraging the balance of football and academics; and finally, 1 University Recruitment Bursary, awarded to a student-athlete who has graduated from a CEGEP and has chosen to pursue their academic and athletic career in a Quebec university.

The bursary program is managed by the Quebec Foundation for Athletic Excellence and Football Quebec in partnership with the Réseau du sport étudiant du Québec (RSEQ), and is presented by RDS – one of the FAEQ’s prestigious communications partners for several years. FAEQ President Mr. Claude Chagnon stated, “The partnership between the Alouettes Foundation and the FAEQ is a sign of great confidence, and above all proves that the Alouettes are committed to supporting the next generation of young football players in terms of their academic and athletic development. We can confirm without hesitation that the Alouettes and the FAEQ are united for the academic, athletic and professional success of Quebec student-athletes”, concluded Mr. Chagnon.

26 Recipients of the 2016 Montreal Alouettes Bursary Program (Total of $34,250)

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