Rémy Paré Director, Game Operations
Shawn Taylor Manager, Events
Marc-André Legros Coordinator, Logistics
Vanessa Canito Coordinator, Events and Hospitality
Nicolas Lesage Senior Director, Corporate Partnerships
Andréanne Paquet Account Manager & Media Research, Corporate Partnerships
Azmina Kassim Account Manager & Administration, Corporate Partnerships
Frédérique Paradis-Doré Account Manager & Communications, Corporate Partnerships
Josianne Pelosse Sales Account executive, Corporate Partnerships
Bernard Asselin  Chief Marketing Officer, Vice President Sales
David Messier Senior Director, Communications and Branding
Brian Weightman Director, Sales
Benjamin Puig Director, Database Marketing
Charles Rooke Director, Communications (CONTACT)
Pamela Stevenson Customer Services Director
Joanie Martin Marketing Project Coordinator
Valérie Durocher Marketing Project Coordinator
Pierrick Pecqueur Marketing Project Coordinator
Marc-Antoine Arbour Coordinator, Digital Media
Jean-François Beaulieu Webmaster
Charles Saindon-Courtois Coordinator, Communications, media and community relations (CONTACT)
Samuel Lafontaine Video Editor and Graphic Designer
Mélodie Houde Graphic Designer
Tony Delblond Sales Supervisor
Stephanie Tomé Coordinator, Ticket Operations and Fan Services
Ryan Bourdages Account Manager, Season Tickets
Serge Corbeil Account Manager, Season Tickets
William Dumont Account Manager, Season Tickets
Alessandro Farinaccio Amateur Football Group Ticket Sales
John Di Terlizzi Group Sales Consultant
Bruno Charest Ticket Sales Executive
Mathieu Hébert Ticket Sales Executive
Patrick Hum Ticket Sales Executive
Jonathan Labbé Ticket Sales Executive
Cameron Christensen Manager, Retail Operations
Pamela Rondeau Chabot Marketing Coordinator
Bernard Dumais Vice President, Finance
Yvan Di Michele Director, Accounting
Debbie Brown Supervisor, Accounting
Jimmy Mc Collough  Analyst, Finance
Nathalie Lavoie Assistant, Accounting
Fanny Girard Administrative Assistant
Éric Lapointe President, Alouettes Alumni Association
Benny Oleszczuk Director, Alouettes Alumni Association
Annie Larouche Director, Foundation and Cheerleading team
Jacques Moreau Stadium Announcer