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Number of Players 12. On offence, the additional player is a receiver. On defence, the extra man is a defensive back. 11.
Downs 3 to make 10 yards. 4 to make 10 yards.
Field size The field is 110 yards long and 65 yards wide. The two endzones are each 20 yards deep. The field is 100 yards long and 53 yards wide. The endzones are 10 yards deep.
Scoring A single point can be awarded for missed field goal attempts and punts that land in the endzone. No single point is awarded.
Timing The offensive unit has 20 seconds to put the ball in play. Teams have 45 seconds to put the ball in motion.
Timeouts One per half. Three per half.
Offensive motion Before the ball is handed from the centre to the quarterback, an unlimited number of receivers and running backs can be in motion in any direction. Before the ball is handed from the centre to the quarterback, only one player can be moving laterally or backwards.
Line of scrimmage Defensive players must line up at least one yard away from the football. Defensive players are allowed to line up within one foot - the length of the football - of the offensive players.
Kickoffs The ball is kicked off from the scoring team's 35-yard line after touchdowns and to open both the first and second half of the game. The team that is scored upon has the option of receiving a kickoff or starting from its own 35-yard line after giving up a field goal. The scoring team kicks off from its own 35-yard line after every touchdown and field goal.
Punting A team receiving the ball must control the football while it's still in the field of play. There is no fair catch allowed, but players on the punting team must give the receiving team five yards of space to catch or retrieve the ball. Punts may be allowed to roll dead, may be received as a fair catch or caught and returned. A punted ball that rolls into the endzone is brought out to the 20-yard line without penalty. A fair catch occurs when the punt returner signals to the official he wants only to catch the football without being tackled and surrenders his right to run with the ball once caught.
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