Fan Code of Conduct | Montreal Alouettes
Fan Code of Conduct

The Montreal Alouettes are committed to creating and maintaining a safe and friendly sports entertainment experience.

In order to effectively deliver this experience the following guidelines on fan conduct have been established.


 Disruptive and unruly behavior will not be tolerated.  Any upsetting behavior should be reported to a security agent or a Montreal Alouettes representative located in your section.  Individuals involved may be subject to fines and further legal action.

2. All fans entering Percival Molson Stadium may be subjected to a search by a security agent.

3. For the security of all those in your section, the use of an umbrella is strictly prohibited within Percival Molson Stadium, rain or shine.

4. For your security and the security of all other fans in your surroundings, flag poles are strictly prohibited in Percival Molson Stadium. Flags not being held by poles, which do not obstruct other fans view of play, are tolerated.  All banners or signs must use respectful language toward the players, the teams, the Canadian Football League and the fans.  The Montreal Alouettes reserve the right to confiscate any signs that are deemed inappropriate and/or disrespectful.

5. In order to avoid possible injuries or disturbances, it is strictly prohibited to bring or use any airborne objects in Percival Molson Stadium.

6. The use of compressed air horns are strictly forbidden due to the high decibel levels.  Fans are not permitted to use instruments that will disrupt their fellow spectators.

7. Fans are not permitted to enter Percival Molson Stadium with alcohol, controlled or illegal substances and/or illegal drugs will be ejected without warning, and could be subject to fines and further legal action.

8. Coolers, food and beverages purchased outside the stadium cannot be brought into the stadium.

9. The use of laser pointers is strictly prohibited in Percival Molson Stadium.

10. Fans must comply with all security agents and Montreal Alouettes representatives regarding stadium operations and emergency procedures.

11. Fans interfering with play in any capacity, including the throwing of objects on the field, going onto the field without permission, using a whistle, will be ejected from the stadium without warning and may be subject to a fine and further legal action.

12. Game footballs are the exclusive property of the Canadian Football League, therefore fans must return any footballs making their way accidentally into the stands to a security agent or Montreal Alouettes representative, and no exceptions will be made.

13. Fans must be fully clothed when entering, exit, and while in the stadium.

14. In order to respect other fans and for your own security, we strongly suggest that our fans drink alcoholic beverages responsibly when they come to Percival Molson Stadium.  We suggest that you use public transit and/or the free STM shuttle service at your disposal on gamedays.

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