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Donation Requests


The Montreal Alouettes are very active in fulfilling donation requests from charitable and non-profit organizations to assist with their fundraising efforts. While the Alouettes recognize a commitment to charitable concerns, the volume of donation requests we receive on an annual basis has required us to limit the amount of events/organizations we can help.

Procedure for donation requests

If you are interested in requesting a donation for your event, please follow the procedures listed below

1.    Please submit your request six weeks prior to the event.
2.    All requests must be indicated on the charity’s or not-for-profit organization’s letterhead and include your charitable organization’s number or GST number.
3.    If letterhead is not available, a flyer or promotional document advertising the event must be submitted.
4.    List your organization's mandate/mission
5.    List the beneficiary of the proceeds
6.    Please include the date of the event, an explanation of the fundraising event and the contact information along with the telephone number of a designated person in charge.

Which organizations do we support?

The Montreal Alouettes Football Club supports registered and not-for-profit groups throughout Montreal and Quebec that focus on public education, grassroots football, anti-violence and health-and-wellness programs for youth. Please note we are unable to accommodate requests for families or individuals.

Areas OUTSIDE the mandate of the Alouettes donations:

•     General and administrative costs, including salaries for staff
•     Individual or personal support
•     Operating deficits
•     Pledges and multi-year requests
•     Political parties, candidates or partisan political activity
•     Religious activities
•     Research and development

If approved, all items donated are at the discretion of the Montreal Alouettes Football Club


All requests must be submitted with the donation form:

•     By email to 
•     By fax to 514-787-2565
•     Or mailed to


Montreal Alouettes Football Club
Community Relations Department
1260 University, Bureau 100
Montreal, Qc, H3B 3B9

Unfortunately, due to the large number of requests we receive monthly, we are unable to place or take follow-up calls regarding each donation request.

Thank you for your interest in the Montreal Alouettes.

Click here to download the donation request form

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