Bachelor of Arts
– Major in
Italian Language and Minor in Classical History
Part of
Andrée-Anne's team

Interesting Facts

  • Can’t stop dancing when I hear…: Going old school with this one, No Letting Go- Wayne Wonder


  • Favorite App: Pinterest!


  • Cartoon character:  Pocahontas


  • Advice I learned from my mom : Always put things in perspective which is why I have the words “Breathe” and “Rise” tattooed on my wrists. Take time to BREATHE to help you put things in perspective and then RISE above it.


  • My biggest fear : Tight spaces – Claustrophobic


  • Sweet or salty ? Salty 100% !!!


  • Chocolate or Vanilla ? Chocolat


  • The Beatles or Rolling Stones ? Tough choice but I will go with the Beatles since I know more of their songs


  • Steak or salad ? A nice steak with mash potatoes


  • Morning or night owl? Always have been a night owl but have to admit that I’ve had some morning owl patterns/habits lately. Oh oh … am I slowly getting old?!