Marianne S.
BA in Psychology and Masters in Organizational Development
Part of
Nadine's team

Interesting Facts

  • Can’t stop dancing when I hear…: Memories – David Guetta & Kid Cudi


  • Favorite App: Pomodoro (to be efficient in my studying)  and Interval Timer (to be efficient with my workouts)


  • Cartoon character: Tintin


  • Advice I learned from my mom: You get what you work for


  • My biggest fear: I’m scared of not having enough time. Enough time with my family, my friends, not enough time to travel! There are so many projects I’d love to have a chance to do!


  • Sweet or salty? Sweet, I love candies!  


  • Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla


  • The Beatles or Rolling Stones? The Beatles


  • Steak or salad? Steak, with salad!


  • Morning or night owl ? Morning person. It’s incredible what you can accomplish before noon when you wake up early!