All-Time Players of the Week

Year Week/Player (Category)

WK7: Norman Bradford (Off), Gary Rogers (Line)
WK9: Tracy Ham (Off), Gary Rogers (Line)
WK12: Bruce Beaton (Off)
WK16: Mark Dixon (Line)
WK17: Gary Rogers (Line)
WK18: Mike Pringle (Off), Mark Dixon (Line)


WK1: Elfrid Payton (Line)
WK2: Mike Pringle (Off)
WK3: Bruce Beaton (Line)
WK7: Uzooma Okeke (Line)
WK10: Uzooma Okeke (Line)
WK13: Chris Armstrong (Off)
SF: Mike Pringle (Off), Mark Dixon (Line)


WK1: Mike Pringle (Off)
WK2: Elfrid Payton (Line)
WK9: Mike Pringle (Off), Pierre Vercheval (Line)
WK14: Mike Pringle (Off), Mike Sutherland (Line)
WK16: Mike Pringle (Off)
WK18: Uzooma Okeke (Line)
SF: Chris Armstrong (Off), Swift Burch (Def)


WK1: Elfrid Payton (Line)
WK2: Barron Miles (Def)
WK3: Elfrid Payton (Line)
WK5: Mike Pringle (Off)
WK6: Uzooma Okeke (Line), Terry Baker (ST)
WK8: Barron Miles (Def)
WK10: Barron Miles (Def)
WK11: Elfrid Payton (Line)
WK16: Terry Baker (ST)
WK18: Anthony Calvillo (Off), Winston October (ST)


WK1: Anthony Calvillo (Off)
WK2: Mike Pringle (Off), Barron Miles (Def)
WK5: Mike Pringle (Off), Winston October (ST)
WK8: Mark Washington (Def), Ed Philion (Line), Winston October (ST)
WK12: Mike Philion (Off), Dwayne Morgan (Def)
WK13: Lester Smith (Def), Swift Burch (Line)
WK14: Mike Pringle (Off)
WK17: Terry Baker (ST)
F: Stefen Reid (Def), Ed Philion (Line)


WK1: Stefen Reid (Def)
WK2: Mike Pringle (Off)
WK3: James Whitley (Def)
WK4: Mike Pringle (Off)
WK6: Reggie Durden (Def)
WK7: Terry Baker (ST)
WK11: Mike Pringle (Off)


WK2: Stefen Reid (Def)
WK3: Lawrence Phillips (Off)
WK4: Terry Baker (ST)
WK6: Rob Brown (Def), Keith Stokes (ST)
WK7: Rob Brown (Def)
WK8: Anthony Calvillo (Off), Scott Flory (Line)
WK11: Barron Miles (Def)
WK14: Thomas Haskins (Off), Marc Megna (Def)
WK16: Anthony Calvillo (Off), Kevin Johnson (Def)
WK18: Thomas Haskins (Off)


WK1: Anthony Calvillo (Off), Donta Green (ST)
WK3: Jeremaine Copeland (Off)
WK5: Keith Stokes (ST)
WK6: Anthony Calvillo (Off)
WK7: Timothy Strickland (Def)
WK9: Kevin Johnson (Def), Keith Stokes (ST)
WK10: Anthony Calvillo (Off)
WK11: Ben Cahoon (Off)
WK15: Barron Miles (Def)
F: Ed Philion (Def), Keith Stokes (ST)


WK4: Autry Denson (Off)
WK5: Anthony Calvillo (Off), Almondo Curry (Def)
WK9: Kevin Johnson (Def), Bryan Chiu (Line), Matt Kellett (ST)
WK11: Ezra Landry (ST)
WK15: Anthony Calvillo (Off)


WK3: Richard Karikari (Def), Ezra Landry (ST)
WK16: Reggie Durden (Def)
WK17: Anthony Calvillo (Off)
SF: Anthony Calvillo (Off)
F: Éric Lapointe (Off), Damon Duval (ST)


WK1: Chip Cox (Def)
WK5: Clint Kent (ST)
WK8: Damon Duval (ST)
WK17: Davis Sanchez (Def)
WK20: Robert Edwards (Off)
F: Avon Cobourne (ST)


WK3: Anthony Calvillo (Off)
WK5: Brian Bratton (ST)
WK6: Randee Drew (Def)
WK7: Jarrett Payton (Off)
WK9: Anthony Calvillo (Off)
WK11: Jarrett Payton (Off)
WK15: Kerry Watkins (Off)
WK18: Randee Drew (Def)


WK1: Anthony Calvillo (Off), Damon Duval (ST)
WK4: Reggie Hunt (Def)
WK6: Ben Cahoon (Can)
WK7: Damon Duval (US)
WK8: Avon Coboure (Off), Keron Williams (Def), Davis Sanchez (Can)
WK10: Mark Estelle (Def)
WK11: Larry Taylor (ST)
WK13: Anthony Calvillo (Off), Jermaine McElveen (Def)
WK14: Avon Cobourne (Off)
WK16: Jamel Richardson (Off), Ben Cahoon (Can)
F: Anthony Calvillo (Off), Larry Taylor (ST)

2009 WK1: Damon Duval (ST)
WK2: Larry Taylor (ST)
WK4: Anthony Calvillo (Off), Anwar Stewart (Def)
WK8: Matthieu Proulx (Can), Larry Taylor (ST)
WK11: Shea Emry (Can)
WK12: Damon Duval (ST)
WK13: Avon Cobourne (Off)
WK14: Chip Cox (Def)
WK15: Jerald Brown (Def)
WK18: Larry Taylor (ST)
F: Anthony Calvillo (Off)
2010 WK2:Étienne Boulay (Can)
WK4: John Bowman (Def)
WK6: Chip Cox (Def), Tim Maypray (ST)
WK8: Brandon Whitaker (Off), Chip Cox (Def)
WK13: Anthony Calvillo (Off)
WK15: Anthony Calvillo (Off), Anwar Stewart (Def), Colt David (ST)
WK18: Anthony Calvillo (Off)
EF: Avon Cobourne (Off), Tim Maypray (ST)